dear friend...

I told myself I would do my best to not mention the “D” word in this introduction, so instead I’ll use the word progress.

Let’s face it, the car was progress from the horse, the phone progress from letters, the TV from the radio and progress has and will continue for ever more. Perhaps in 2018 it is not progress that concerns us, but more so the speed in which it happens.

With any progress comes fear and this year at ARPM in bringing you this program, I hope to appease some of that fear, replace it with acceptance and provide you with the insights and tools needed to prepare you for the road ahead.

...a streamed event...PM Basics in our fundamentals stream, Commercial and Strata sessions and a continuation of our Business Development and Leadership streams...

As always I look to your feedback and requests, so with these in mind I have created a streamed event. Excitedly there are the PM Basics in our fundamentals stream, additional sectors have been provided for through our Commercial and Strata sessions, and of course we continue with our Business Development and Leadership streams – crowd favourites. 

Whatever you’ve held as your greatest fear in life may very well be trumped by our closing speaker Yossi Ghinsberg. If you want to know how someone survives in the amazon for 3 weeks with just the shirt on their back (and that shirt didn’t last long) then make sure you are with us right to the end! There is a reason his story has been made into a motion picture. 

With JoAnna Ferrari and Jessica Rowe we have two incredible women with amazing lives and lessons to share, Colin James the top speaker in communication and leadership will take to the stage over two sessions, plus we are joined by some incredible business practitioners from around the country including, Michael Love, Emma Slape, Natisha Tapson, Simon Fung amongst others, 25 in fact. An impressive amount of takeaways at this years event.

Of course our exhibitors are reaching new heights as they bring to you an array of the tried and tested as well as new products to support you in your business journey. As always I am proud of this event, and grateful to everyone who has given of their time to share their knowledge to you all. Looking forward to seeing you in August for progress.