"In 2017 we will take what we have known from the past, and seek to mould it with our today to develop our future"


As I put the finishing touches on the program for 2017 I am left with a sense of intrigue. After 15 years of delivering this event to you, I remain fascinated that it doesn’t get easier. Sure we have systems and processes in place as well as technology to support us, but like you we are faced with similar business challenges. Competitors, technology disruption, market influences, consumer needs, advertisers and exhibitor requirements, and of course growth.

In 2017, my research has been far reaching to bring to you an event of the calibre that you have come to know and trust. We have maintained our integrity that ARPM is not about a big party, or having content primarily delivered by Property Management Practitioners.

I believe that ARPM is ‘the’ event on the industry calendar due to its purpose being to push the boundaries of your current thinking and expose you to wider business principles and practices. I want to ensure that you are not simply gaining insights into what the guy next door is doing, but what people are doing around the globe both in and outside of Real Estate.

As I widened my own thinking this year I researched businesses that are playing alongside the Real Estate space; for what it’s worth I’ve looked at evolving services such as; student housing, shared work spaces, Airbnb management, remote property management groups, and even PM’s operating from home.

Whilst there is change afoot, these businesses are still in their infancy, but rest assured the disruption has already started. For us, this means no longer fearing disruption but embracing it and moving our businesses with it.In 2016 we sought to connect, engage and empower, in 2017 we will take what we have known from the past, and seek to mould it with our today to develop our future. We will RECONSTRUCT.

Fiona Connolly of Woman’s Day shares the reinvention of the world from print, Andy Lark demonstrates global change from Banking to Accounting, whilst Brock Fisher shares service delivery in a new world closer to home. With growth being a high priority for all, Patrick Littlemore will show us how it’s being driven in the UK from inside a PLC with multi Estate Agency brands.


Fiona greyscale.jpg

Kathy Kelly and Anthony Bonnici, will change your thinking and demonstrate how anything really is possible with the right drivers.

Keeping it practical, Cyril Peupion will change your life with his practical insights to managing workload and email traffic, whilst our award-winning PM’s let you in behind the scenes of their daily rituals and strategies.

ARPM too is “Reconstructing” with a new venue, The STAR in Sydney, allowing for more attendee’s, a revised workshop program for Leaders and Business Development Managers, plus a larger exhibition.
I’m so excited to be bringing this year’s event to you, RECONSTRUCT is a powerful program and I know it will be our best event yet.

I look forward to seeing you there.