Australasian Residential Property Management Conference
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CLIFFORD ROSENBERG | Manager / LinkedIn New Zealand & Australia



Clifford Rosenberg is a highly experienced leader and strategist with a deep passion for technology and social media. Cliff’s journey from South Africa to the top of one of the world’s most prominent and influential digital platforms in our region is truly inspirational. Strategy, leadership, technology, high performing teams and a culture of innovation and adaptation are all part of Cliff’s business DNA.

In his current role and previously as the Managing Director of Yahoo! Australia NZ, and an investor, advisor and board member with organisations such as Dimmi, Afterpay and Vodafone, he knows first hand how to lead and work within companies through start up and significant growth phases.


  • The phases of the internet revolution, their tipping points, and thoughts of what the next phase might be

  • The global tech giants and how they have evolved over time and their influence on us both professionally and personally

  • The social media landscape and how to think about the context of the various platforms and their use

  • Navigating teams with strategic leadership to get engagement, adaptability and high performance.

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SAMANTHA GASH | Endurance Athlete & Inspirational Speaker

dedication, endurance and a little bit mad

Australian Samantha Gash started running as a break from studying law. Little did she know those small steps would turn into a journey that has seen her run over 20,000km across every continent on Earth, and raise approximately $300,000 for charity while advocating for women’s empowerment, social change and access to education.

Samantha has been twice recognised as a finalist in the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards. She has been selected as a delegate for the Australia India Youth Dialogue, and was also nominated for a Pride of Australia Medal. She is an ambassador for World Vision and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, using her platform to bring awareness to these causes. She was a competitor on the TV show Survivor where she met her partner Mark Wales. They welcomed Harry, their first child, in 2018.

Her memoirs, through publishers Macmillan in New York City and documentary feature Run India, are due for release in 2019.


  • If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you have never done before

  • A journey of transformation, humanity and incredible willpower

  • What does it really take the execute on one of the most incredible goals you could ever consider

  • A unique insight into the human psyche

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MC / have you paying attention

Fun, affable and sharp are words regularly used to describe Gary, an accomplished stand-up comedian, actor, writer and film director.

Gary has performed all around the world. You may have seen him on Spicks and Specks, The Footy Show, Rove, The Nation, Studio 10 or as host of Candid Camera. Nominated for an Aria Award for his comedy album, ‘The Hollywood Motel’ Gary also co-wrote, co-directed and voiced Happy Feet Two with Academy Award winner George Miller.

Gary was an integral part of ARPM 2018 and by popular demand we’ve got him back this year. There is no doubt Gary provides a different conference experience.

  • Back by popular demand for more than his good looks, charisma and incredible quick wit

  • Keeping the pace of an event isn’t about watching a clock, it’s about engaging with the audience to keep time with their needs

  • Understanding the industry and its nuisances, interacting with the speakers and bringing out the relevance session by session

  • More than a conference, ARPM is an experience and a brilliant MC helps brings a heartbeat to the gathering, creating a two day family

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MYKEL DIXON | Keynote Speaker


A jazz-musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce nonconformist, & prolific anti-perfectionist, Mykel helps people and organisations thrive by rediscovering their creative confidence, reimagining their creative potential and reinventing their organisation for relevance in a 21st Century Renaissance.

Cultivating Innovative, Inclusive, and Agile Teams is what Mykal does best by people with the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly complex ecosystem of business.

Challenging professionals to know themselves, their company and their market more deeply. To confront and embrace uncertainty, and look beyond average outcomes or expectations. Mykal has the tools to re-imagine your creative capability, push for truly innovative solutions, and generate more value for the organisation by nurturing the creative growth in others.


  • Discover unconventional and innovative approaches to business, leadership & creativity

  • Fearless in your conviction, joyful in your approach and prolific with your output.

  • Be ready to be challenged, enamoured and intrigued

  • The office into a playground and the people into pure possibility.

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KATE BENJAMIN | Business Development Consultant - REAL+

  1. business development: the outcomes-based approach

  2. practical tips & intel from top bdms (panel)

Business Development takes tenacity, interpersonal skills, confidence, planning, discipline, strategy and a robust offering, Kate Benjamin knows how to bring out the inner Business Developer in us all.

With a background in the real estate industry, having owned and operated her own estate agency, been awarded BDM of the year across multiple organisations, and now coaching Australia’s Top BDM’s, Kate understands growth from every angle. The challenges as a business owner and those on the front line have the capacity to bring growth to a stand still, and so with a 360 degree strategy across all facets of the business, not just the titled BDM, Kate helps businesses achieve their goals.

Integrating Vision, Service, Technology, Digital, and good old fashioned communication and relationship development, Kate combines the modern with the tried and tested to get personalised results.

Working with individuals, businesses or corporate organisations, Kate uses her award-winning experience and knowledge to fast track her clients businesses.


  • The secret of great success is there aren’t any secrets

  • Consistently provide value, experience the benefit

  • Not what’s in it for me, what’s in it for all of us

  • An avalanche of the best and worst real time methods

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REBECCA BERRY | Hocking Stuart St Kilda

building together: serve to serve

Rebecca Berry is a self-professed honest and resilient professional. In her ten years in Real Estate she has remained loyal to the Hocking Stuart brand, and you could say loyalty is one of the qualities that has endeared her to her team and clients alike.

As Department Head with a responsibility for growth, efficiency and culture across a team of 11 and a rent roll of 1000 this is no small role, yet with planning, structure, process and discipline, Rebecca manages to make it work over three days per week.

Leading the charge in flexibility, challenging the norm, and understanding the needs of an individual has certainly been at the fore of Rebecca’s mind this year.


  • The 4 hour work week, the 3 day Department Manager

  • If we all put each other first, what would happen

  • A 360 approach to service

  • The small and big things make a difference

Blayney, Fiona_square.jpg


i held it and it didn’t spark joy

When you think Property Management in Australia it’s no surprise that the name Fiona Blayney comes to mind. At the coalface through to the international stage, Fiona is renown for her insights into how highly functioning business and professionals operate and what it takes to get there in any size business. Her team at Real+ support the Property Management community through training, consultancy, recruitment and outsourced services across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

With a love of challenging the status quo and in general breaking things, Fiona Blayney gets into the nitty gritty of what is driving her clients and their businesses to uncover the true goal and develops a definitive plan to get them there.

Engaging, captivating, motivating and raw are all words used to describe this pocket rocket . There is no doubt Fiona is a leader in our industry and one of the best business strategy, talent and growth specialists around.


  • Landlords and Tenants held us and we didn’t spark joy

  • It’s time for a good old fashion clean out

  • How to let go of the clothes that no longer fit

  • Create a vision for the world as you wish to know it

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MATT CIALLELLA | Director - MC Rent Roll Broking

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker: rent roll transactions, today & tomorrow (leadership panel)

During his 10 years at Macquarie Relationship Banking, Matt developed an in-depth understanding of the real estate industry and the issues facing real estate agents. Matt is well regarded in the industry for developing innovative banking solutions to help real estate agents maximise their income and improve business productivity.

Matt has successfully facilitated all scales of mergers and acquisitions, franchises and independEnts, and has perfected the art of matching the right buyer and seller maximising the result for all parties. MC rent roll broking was born from Matt's vision that there was a gap in the market for a professional with a strong understanding of rent roll transactions, to facilitate a successful sale for buyer and sellers.


When it comes to planning and growing your rent roll, the undercurrent of its value now and into the future plays heavily in the decision making process.

  • How are values being affected?

  • What is sought out in selecting a rent roll to buy?

  • How do I best prepare for sale?  

Find out all of this and more with Matt and Greg Jemmeson.


ROB FEARNLEY | Head of Property Management - McGrath Corporate Offices

mcgrath - a new story told

Whoever said you needed Real Estate experience to drive a high performing property management business obviously hadn’t met Rob Fearnley. As the Head of Property Management for the McGrath Corporate Property Management offices, Rob has spent the past two years shaping the future of this fast growing business.

Robs career includes significant time and impact at Staples (think leading single-source suppliers of business essentials, 40+ locations in Aus /NZ, products and services from IT solutions to office products), with his most recent role as Head Of Sales nationally, responsible for $300m revenue and its associated strategy, team and service.

Joining the McGrath business, Rob leads a team of 100+ with a focus to inspire, motivate and build a growth mindset. Clients as well as the bottom line are benefiting from Rob’s passion for the customer experience and his commitment to find innovative solutions to enhance our offering.


  • CX is more than a passing fad it is today’s business

  • Bringing the team on the ride of change

  • The Vision, the planning and the execution

  • Getting the systems right for super growth 

Freitas, Adam_square.jpg

ADAM FREITAS | New Business Executive - Raine & Horne Newtown

business development: walking the talk (bd panel)

A valuable member of the Raine and Horne Newtown team, Adam Freitas has been helping investment property owners secure the best possible results for fifteen years.

Top Business Development Performer in the Raine and Horne group, as well as Real Estate Business’s crowned BDM of the year 2018, Adam’s success has not come from a magic wand, but is born of a clear goal, defined strategy and dedication to daily action to make it happen. It helps that Adam absolutely loves his community, his industry and works hard to evolve himself and the business around him.

It’s amazing what can happen when you mix authenticity, ability, drive and hard work.


  • List over 1000 managements in 5 years

  • #1 BDM Australia – Real Estate Business (REB) Awards

  • #1 BDM Australia – Raine & Horne Group

  • How to gain and maintain momentum

Gleeson, Robyn_square.jpg

ROBYN GLEESON | General Manager - Elders Port Macquarie

making it work 30 years on

You’d think after 20+ years in business, which culminated in selling her business to her now boss, Robyn would be sunning herself on a tropical island. But for Robyn there is still some unfinished business in the world of Real Estate.

Leading the teams of Port Macquarie & Crescent Head, Robyn is a part of a rapidly expanding network of businesses and maintains her zeal for Real Estate and its changing landscape. Robyn has implemented countless structures, processes, technology, and marketing & communications initiatives all the whilst balancing her own growing family, and somehow, she’s kept it all together.


  • A message to my younger self

  • Property Managers of today, how to keep it together

  • What’s balance anyway

  • Insights from a life in Property

JemmesonFisher, Greg_square.jpg

GREG JEMMESON | Partner - Jemfish

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker: rent roll transactions, today & tomorrow (leadership panel)

It would be fair to say if you had spent 18 years as a Legal Professional specialising in the Real Estate space there would be much you hadn’t seen. It’s with this track record teamed with time spent as the Head of Real Estate Compliance within Fair Trading that has ensure Greg Jemmeson’s positioning as the go to for anything legal in Real Estate, including rent roll transactions.

Greg and his team work with the who’s who of real estate nationally, advise industry leaders, franchise groups, industry bodies and advisory boards.

When it comes to understanding the market of Real Estate Businesses, and having a keen eye for the road ahead, you’d be wise to lend an ear to Greg.


When it comes to planning and growing your rent roll, the undercurrent of its value now and into the future plays heavily in the decision making process.

  • How are values being affected?

  • What is sought out in selecting a rent roll to buy?

  • How do I best prepare for sale?  

Find out all of this and more with Greg and Matt Ciallella.

Kirk, Lauren_square.jpg

LAUREN KIRK | General Manager Training & Consultancy - REAL+

Property Manager to Account Manager - The Transition

Lauren knows first hand what her clients think and feel on a daily basis having owned and operated her own business in the Newcastle / Hunter Region. With what felt like a lifetime of learning, implementation and results, it was time for a change. The lights of Sydney started calling Lauren took the opportunity to bring her knowledge to others through a head of PM role with a National Franchise group.

Joining Real+ in 2016, Lauren trains, coaches and consults to all matters of businesses nationally and across to NZ. With a keen focus on strategy, leadership and business improvement, Lauren draws on her breadth of knowledge and experience to create practical solutions and holds your hand whilst you get them implemented.

You’ll often find Lauren in front of a crowd be that a conference, workshop or bespoke training session. Her ability to connect with all matter of people across all levels of life keeps her people engaged with the tools and motivation to get started on the next project.


  • Fundamentals of the traditional property manager model 

  • The necessities of knowledge to become the trusted advisor

  • Structures and strategies in operation today

  • Preparing for change, and managing the process

McHugh, Brad_square.jpg

BRAD MCHUGH | Group Partner - Highland Property

the future’s so bright it’s hurting my eyes

Brad McHugh represents a new generation of young professionals in not just the Sutherland Shire, but across the industry. His thirst for personal and professional improvement keeps Brad at the forefront of change. Not content with the status quo, Brad has continued to develop and implement systems for business efficiency and service excellence whilst maintaining a happy and cohesive culture amongst a group of young and dynamic people in a high growth business.

Chat to Brad about the future of property management and he practically jumps out of his skin, “career development is huge and refreshingly open and personable styles of service easily deployed” With growth including office expansion occurring daily, a rent roll of 1600 and 3 offices Brad has his hands full and yet he still manages to do it with that signature smile.


  • Bring on the future there is so much opportunity

  • Building stronger relationships by helping people

  • Brand you in your market, how to get it highly rated

  • Utilise what’s at your disposal and find out what’s not

Mosedale, Pete_square2.jpg

PETE MOSEDALE | Director & Founder - Upstate

a fast-paced journey

With Pete Mosedale, anything is possible, who else would open a state of the art office and launch a rebranded independent with as much gusto and commitment in what has been reported as one of the most challenging markets in the past 10 years.

The team behind Pete Mosedale, and his partner Lachlan Yeates, do not follow blindly they follow the strategic vision, tenacity, hard work and results that are this dynamic duo.

Constant reinvention, keeping one eye on the little things and maintaining a productive team is what keeps the Upstate business relative. With a team of 64 and a focus on growth and service whilst getting the systems right means that Pete moves at a fast pace. Keeping pace you’d see technology, digital, social, outsourcing as all integral part of the businesses journey.

Pete’s enthusiasm is infectious. His passion, irrepressible. His expertise, unmatched. And above all, his main focus is always, without a doubt, his clients and his team.


  • Be bold, be different, take action

  • High performers run hard and get stuff done

  • Branding, relationships, service

  • Bringing your team together towards a common goal

Reynolds, Renee_square.jpg

RENEE REYNOLDS | Director - Release Property Management

lessons on diversification

Whilst others sit back waiting for the disruptor to come, some see an opportunity, create a plan and enact a change that with the right calculations, strategic moves and differentiators can ensure you’re the disruptor and the disrupted all at the same time – Renee Reynolds is doing just that.

Instead of allowing her traditional PM business to be cannibalised by online competitors, Renee decided to set up her own. Aware of the risk that Release Property Management clients may jump ship, she set out to ensure that everyone was clear on the points of benefit of both services and the results have proved, there is space in the market for both services.

A business entrepreneur in her own right, with a swag of awards and recognition, Renee brings a fresh approach to Property Management, embracing the future and making it work for the industry, the clients and our teams.


  • If you can’t beat them join them

  • The opportunities for diversification sit with every business

  • Make it, watch it or question if it happened

  • A story of diversification why and how


JARROD SCOTT | Senior Manager, Rent -


With over 15 years experience in digital, Jarrod has recently brought his significant expertise across to the Property Management space, having worked across the New Homes and Investor portfolio at for the prior 7 years. Bringing fresh eyes, a new perspective and a desire to continuously learn, Jarrod is working with cross disciplinary teams at to identify opportunities, develop digital strategies, and create rental products and experiences using agile and customer led ways of working.

His career combines corporate strategy, technology, product, marketing and sales across verticals including travel, recruitment, publishing and classifieds in Australia and abroad. Having gained experience across the full spectrum of digital business from strategy through to delivery, he’s led large product, design and technology teams to solve problems, set direction, and unlock value within digitising markets and emerging technologies.


  • Why tenants matter

  • Telling the tenant story to landlords

  • The tenant journey in 2019

  • How tenants are feeling about the rental experience

  • Practical tips to set you up for success

Smith, Tameka.jpg

TAMEKA SMITH | Senior Property Management - Key2 Property

  1. from the desk of the best

  2. practical tips & intel from top bdms (panel)

When 60% of your business comes from repeat and referral clients, and your growing at a rate of 300 in your first two years of operation its obvious you’re doing more than something right.

Tameka has been enacting change in the Tasmanian Property Management Market, and embracing interesting ways to maximise client income, provide advice on maintaining and improving property, minimising vacancy rates and taking a truly proactive approach to managing property assets.

A multi award winner including Australian Property Manager of the Year, Elite Agent Transformer 2018, as well as a plethora of localised awards in business excellence and community service. Despite her successes on the podium, Tameka firmly believes her greatest achievements are with her team and the clients that she serves everyday.


  • Winning isn’t everything, but it sure feels good

  • Utilising technology can be more than just fun

  • Commitment and consistency are a growth strategy

  • Bring the right people around you and take a chance 


ELAINE STACK | CEO - Elaine Stack Real Estate

the process & the passion

It’s not just her clients who describe Elaine as honest, personable, good humoured and down to earth, it’s everyone she meets. Whether in her previous roles as Property Management Trainer, Blogger with Nell & Oll, or Home Renovator Elaine has succeeded at all she’s put her hand to. Perhaps it’s her can-do attitude, her commitment or her resilience. Maybe it’s her authenticity and her strong relationships? Whatever her driving force, Elaine runs at life at full pace and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Elaine Stack Real Estate is one of a growing trend for boutique, high service, high engagement, value based fee businesses. Kickstarting with a small rent roll acquisition, Elaine is clear that to remain relevant is to be malleable, provide the service your clients need, want and are prepared to pay for - it’s pretty simple.


  • The case study of a one man band

  • Mobility, agility and technology 

  • Boutique service, how to add value, literally

  • Working for the landlord and with the tenant

Trowell, Mark_square.jpg


we are the disruptor

Life before Yabonza, seems like a lifetime ago for Mark Trowell given the velocity with which this business has grown. There is no doubt that Mark’s short stint in Property Management in the early 90’s gave him a unique perspective throughout his career in Financial Services as to some gaps in this space for investors and agencies alike. Yabonza are blazing a trail to provide a new cut of management and investors are embracing the service with gusto.

3.9% inclusive management fee is possible through the combination of Asset Managers, Operations, local experts and the Yabonza technology platform. Yabonza are working hard to keep up with the speed of demand - the challenge of many a fast growth business and it doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon.


  • Breaking the way something is done is kind of fun

  • A consumers sentiment for a tightly held industry

  • Technology and systems for a new way of business

  • A mobile workforce in a mobile word is not new

  • Gearing up for the now and the tomorrow



The 4th Industrial Revolution, What The Future of Work Means For Your Business

Sitting at the cross-section of industry and academia, Rhi Tuntevski is a part of the team at the University of Technology Sydney's Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation (FTDi). FTDi are reinventing the way that university prepares students for the future of work.

With a background in marketing and communications for some of Australia's biggest and most innovative NFP's, Rhi now curates partnerships for the faculty, bridging the gap between university and industry in student projects, placements and research projects.

At 26, she is an insightful, observant and driven young leader.


  • The internet has fundamentally changed the way we work, play, connect and survive

  • Challenging ideas on what it means to be a human

  • What the future of work might actually mean for your business

  • Artificial intelligence and automation the impact on our lives