ROB FEARNLEY | Head of Property Management - McGrath Corporate Offices

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Whoever said you needed Real Estate experience to drive a high performing property management business obviously hadn’t met Rob Fearnley. As the Head of Property Management for the McGrath Corporate Property Management offices, Rob has spent the past two years shaping the future of this fast growing business.

Robs career includes significant time and impact at Staples (think leading single-source suppliers of business essentials, 40+ locations in Aus /NZ, products and services from IT solutions to office products), with his most recent role as Head Of Sales nationally, responsible for $300m revenue and its associated strategy, team and service.

Joining the McGrath business, Rob leads a team of 100+ with a focus to inspire, motivate and build a growth mindset. Clients as well as the bottom line are benefiting from Rob’s passion for the customer experience and his commitment to find innovative solutions to enhance our offering.


  • CX is more than a passing fad it is today’s business

  • Bringing the team on the ride of change

  • The Vision, the planning and the execution

  • Getting the systems right for super growth