The 4th Industrial Revolution, What The Future of Work Means For Your Business

Sitting at the cross-section of industry and academia, Rhi Tuntevski is a part of the team at the University of Technology Sydney's Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation (FTDi). FTDi are reinventing the way that university prepares students for the future of work.

With a background in marketing and communications for some of Australia's biggest and most innovative NFP's, Rhi now curates partnerships for the faculty, bridging the gap between university and industry in student projects, placements and research projects.

At 26, she is an insightful, observant and driven young leader.


  • The internet has fundamentally changed the way we work, play, connect and survive

  • Challenging ideas on what it means to be a human

  • What the future of work might actually mean for your business

  • Artificial intelligence and automation the impact on our lives