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RENEE REYNOLDS | Director - Release Property Management

lessons on diversification

Whilst others sit back waiting for the disruptor to come, some see an opportunity, create a plan and enact a change that with the right calculations, strategic moves and differentiators can ensure you’re the disruptor and the disrupted all at the same time – Renee Reynolds is doing just that.

Instead of allowing her traditional PM business to be cannibalised by online competitors, Renee decided to set up her own. Aware of the risk that Release Property Management clients may jump ship, she set out to ensure that everyone was clear on the points of benefit of both services and the results have proved, there is space in the market for both services.

A business entrepreneur in her own right, with a swag of awards and recognition, Renee brings a fresh approach to Property Management, embracing the future and making it work for the industry, the clients and our teams.


  • If you can’t beat them join them

  • The opportunities for diversification sit with every business

  • Make it, watch it or question if it happened

  • A story of diversification why and how