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REBECCA BERRY | Hocking Stuart St Kilda

building together: serve to serve

Rebecca Berry is a self-professed honest and resilient professional. In her ten years in Real Estate she has remained loyal to the Hocking Stuart brand, and you could say loyalty is one of the qualities that has endeared her to her team and clients alike.

As Department Head with a responsibility for growth, efficiency and culture across a team of 11 and a rent roll of 1000 this is no small role, yet with planning, structure, process and discipline, Rebecca manages to make it work over three days per week.

Leading the charge in flexibility, challenging the norm, and understanding the needs of an individual has certainly been at the fore of Rebecca’s mind this year.


  • The 4 hour work week, the 3 day Department Manager

  • If we all put each other first, what would happen

  • A 360 approach to service

  • The small and big things make a difference