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KATE BENJAMIN | Business Development Consultant - REAL+

  1. business development: the outcomes-based approach

  2. practical tips & intel from top bdms (panel)

Business Development takes tenacity, interpersonal skills, confidence, planning, discipline, strategy and a robust offering, Kate Benjamin knows how to bring out the inner Business Developer in us all.

With a background in the real estate industry, having owned and operated her own estate agency, been awarded BDM of the year across multiple organisations, and now coaching Australia’s Top BDM’s, Kate understands growth from every angle. The challenges as a business owner and those on the front line have the capacity to bring growth to a stand still, and so with a 360 degree strategy across all facets of the business, not just the titled BDM, Kate helps businesses achieve their goals.

Integrating Vision, Service, Technology, Digital, and good old fashioned communication and relationship development, Kate combines the modern with the tried and tested to get personalised results.

Working with individuals, businesses or corporate organisations, Kate uses her award-winning experience and knowledge to fast track her clients businesses.


  • The secret of great success is there aren’t any secrets

  • Consistently provide value, experience the benefit

  • Not what’s in it for me, what’s in it for all of us

  • An avalanche of the best and worst real time methods