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GREG JEMMESON | Partner - Jemfish

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker: rent roll transactions, today & tomorrow (leadership panel)

It would be fair to say if you had spent 18 years as a Legal Professional specialising in the Real Estate space there would be much you hadn’t seen. It’s with this track record teamed with time spent as the Head of Real Estate Compliance within Fair Trading that has ensure Greg Jemmeson’s positioning as the go to for anything legal in Real Estate, including rent roll transactions.

Greg and his team work with the who’s who of real estate nationally, advise industry leaders, franchise groups, industry bodies and advisory boards.

When it comes to understanding the market of Real Estate Businesses, and having a keen eye for the road ahead, you’d be wise to lend an ear to Greg.


When it comes to planning and growing your rent roll, the undercurrent of its value now and into the future plays heavily in the decision making process.

  • How are values being affected?

  • What is sought out in selecting a rent roll to buy?

  • How do I best prepare for sale?  

Find out all of this and more with Greg and Matt Ciallella.