ELAINE STACK | CEO - Elaine Stack Real Estate

the process & the passion

It’s not just her clients who describe Elaine as honest, personable, good humoured and down to earth, it’s everyone she meets. Whether in her previous roles as Property Management Trainer, Blogger with Nell & Oll, or Home Renovator Elaine has succeeded at all she’s put her hand to. Perhaps it’s her can-do attitude, her commitment or her resilience. Maybe it’s her authenticity and her strong relationships? Whatever her driving force, Elaine runs at life at full pace and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Elaine Stack Real Estate is one of a growing trend for boutique, high service, high engagement, value based fee businesses. Kickstarting with a small rent roll acquisition, Elaine is clear that to remain relevant is to be malleable, provide the service your clients need, want and are prepared to pay for - it’s pretty simple.


  • The case study of a one man band

  • Mobility, agility and technology 

  • Boutique service, how to add value, literally

  • Working for the landlord and with the tenant