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CLIFFORD ROSENBERG | Manager / LinkedIn New Zealand & Australia



Clifford Rosenberg is a highly experienced leader and strategist with a deep passion for technology and social media. Cliff’s journey from South Africa to the top of one of the world’s most prominent and influential digital platforms in our region is truly inspirational. Strategy, leadership, technology, high performing teams and a culture of innovation and adaptation are all part of Cliff’s business DNA.

In his current role and previously as the Managing Director of Yahoo! Australia NZ, and an investor, advisor and board member with organisations such as Dimmi, Afterpay and Vodafone, he knows first hand how to lead and work within companies through start up and significant growth phases.


  • The phases of the internet revolution, their tipping points, and thoughts of what the next phase might be

  • The global tech giants and how they have evolved over time and their influence on us both professionally and personally

  • The social media landscape and how to think about the context of the various platforms and their use

  • Navigating teams with strategic leadership to get engagement, adaptability and high performance.