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BRAD MCHUGH | Group Partner - Highland Property

the future’s so bright it’s hurting my eyes

Brad McHugh represents a new generation of young professionals in not just the Sutherland Shire, but across the industry. His thirst for personal and professional improvement keeps Brad at the forefront of change. Not content with the status quo, Brad has continued to develop and implement systems for business efficiency and service excellence whilst maintaining a happy and cohesive culture amongst a group of young and dynamic people in a high growth business.

Chat to Brad about the future of property management and he practically jumps out of his skin, “career development is huge and refreshingly open and personable styles of service easily deployed” With growth including office expansion occurring daily, a rent roll of 1600 and 3 offices Brad has his hands full and yet he still manages to do it with that signature smile.


  • Bring on the future there is so much opportunity

  • Building stronger relationships by helping people

  • Brand you in your market, how to get it highly rated

  • Utilise what’s at your disposal and find out what’s not